Every year NFL experts talk about who has the best quarterback, best defense, best coach, best fans and overall best teams. Lets try and not be so selfish and look at the league as a whole and see which part of the country is playing the best football; which division, and conference, ranks higher and will win more games than their inter and intra conference rivals. For the sake of rankings, I will be basing my argument on CBSSports' Pete Prisco who knows the NFL better than most. Not long ago he predicted every NFL game this season and played it out all the way until February, taking a shot at putting two teams next to Super Bowl XLVII's logo.

Every NFL fan makes a case for his or her team and why they think they can be above .500, win the Division and for some make a run in the postseason. It is rare to find a group of football fans arguing about which Division reigns supreme and if the NFC has more star power and flare than the AFC. Using Prisco's rankings, I will give NFL fans something to talk about outside of their own team. Going through each Division, the average rankings are as followed:

NFC East: 12

NFC North: 14.75

AFC North: 15

NFC South: 16.25

AFC East: 17.25

AFC West: 17.25

NFC West: 19.5

AFC South: 20.25

As indicated by the rankings, three of the top four Divisions in the NFL coming into the 2012 season are NFC teams, with the NFC West being the weakest overall in its conference. The NFC's average ranking was 15.625, compared to the AFC's average ranking of 17.4375. These numbers would be more clear if the Pro Bowl meant more to the players and the NFL as a whole. But that's a completely different story for another day. 

The NFC East comes in as the deepest and most talented Division in the NFL. The New York Giants are No. 2, the Philadelphia Eagles come in at No. 6, the Dallas Cowboys fell in the middle at No. 14 and despite Robert Griffin III leading the Washington Redskins, they end up toward the rut of the league at No. 26. This Division beats up on each other year after year. The Giants were 2-0 against the Cowboys, 1-1 against the Eagles (losing to Vince Young and beating Mike Vick) and went 0-2 against Rex Grossman's Redskins. This makes no sense to the average NFL fan, but complete and logical sense to those football junkies. It is impossible to predict the NFL, each year teams go from last to first in its Division.

With that said, if you find yourself without anything to do on Sunday afternoons in the fall and winter, turn on some football and see for yourself who you think plays in the best Division, and if the NFC fancies you moreso than the AFC. I promise you it will be as unpredictable a sporting event as you'll ever see. Check back to see who will finish atop these Division and Conferences.