It seems that yet again there is farce at the Olympics football tournament. Having already offended the North Korean football team by showing the wrong flag and then by stating that Joe Allen was English when he is Welsh is it really surprising that we now have London media driven hysteria over who sings the national anthem?

Welsh and particularly, Scottish players of both sexes have refused to sing the national anthem. They see it as the English national anthem, therefore they do not sing it. That should be their choice. However, at the moment, there seems to be an air of malevolence whenever anyone so much as criticises the Olympics. Take Mr Romneys innocent reply to a reporter about all the cock ups with the security firm G4s. All of a sudden we have Boris Johnson stirring up a fervent crowd of Londoners into a fury in some kind of perceived snub! All it needed was Alf Garnett to add a torrent of bigotted abuse to finish ot off!

If you are Scottish, why would you want to sing the words in verse 5 of the national anthem. The rarely sung fifth verse of the anthem, written in the 1740s, includes the controversial words: 'Rebellious Scots to crush.' If anyone should be offended, it is the Scots. If the games are supposed to be about a coming together of all nations maybe those loudest voices might want to revisit the Olympic Charter which says:-

"Every individual must have the possibility of practising sport, without discrimination of any kind and in the Olympic spirit, which requires mutual understanding with a spirit of friendship, solidarity and fair play."

I would hardly call press-ganging participants into singing anthems that taunt other nationalities about their demise in an act of social cleansing carried out by English troops long ago.

The London Olypics is exactly that; for the benefit of London, not the United Kingdom. What benefit or legacy can someone in Newcastle expect? Or in Wales or Scotland? We all had to contribute to the bloated costs of £9bn, and had our lottery raided for funds. London and Londoners will be the only beneficiaries of the Olympics. So do not expect there to be the hysteria north of Watford, because as the famous last line of Gone With The Wind says, "Frankly We dont give a damn".

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