Roman Abramovich

The Ivory Coast international left for Lille in the summer after winning the UEFA Champions League in his final game and is clear about the fact that it is owner Roman Abramovich who calls the shots.

"Roman has his vision and he knows how he wants things to happen," Kalou told The Sun Sunday. "He has the idea 'I want to run this club, I want things to work'. And sometimes he has to remind people 'I'm the one doing all of this'."

"That's important because players can forget and think 'Oh Chelsea have been at the top for eight years, we don't have to work hard, and I will play anyway'.

"It's important to remind players that 'you may have been here for eight years, but I can change the team any time I want, so you better get back to the pitch and do the job right'.

"That's the role of the owner - to remind everyone the only boss is him and we should be working for the best interests of the club - not individuals. "Roman always reminded us very well of that and it worked every time. He came twice to talk to us - once in Carlo's time and we won 'The Double'.

"And he came again after AVB (Andre Villas-Boas) and we won the Champions League. So when you see the results - they are positive so you cannot criticize hi