When you mention the name 'Paul Gascoigne', football supporters around the world remember the name for being one of the most naturally and technically gifted players to ever put on an England shirt. The fondest memory you will have is the goal he scored against Scotland in Euro 96, whether you were a fan or not, you just had to take your hat off to the way he brought the ball down, flicked it over the head of a defender, and volleyed home, purely magnificent. 

On the other hand though, many of you will remember him for his celebrity status, his controversial private life, his love of alcohol and his awkward home life. He was in the media far too often, for all the wrong reasons. So, if you are a modern day footballer and you are compared to Paul Gascoigne, it may not always be a good thing. 

Ravel Morrison is a 19-year-old midfielder who is a registered player for West Ham United and is currently on loan at Championship side Birmingham City. He is a controversial player who has already been in trouble with the law and because of his ways, had a failed attempt at making it with Manchester United. Sir Alex Ferguson had enough of his attitude and his bad boy persona, thus allowing him to leave for West Ham.

However, this is not the reason he has been compared to Paul Gascoigne, although he does share his controversial ways off the field. Thankfully, Brimingham City manager Lee Clark has been full of praise for the young starlet, recently describing him as 'having the same natural ability as Paul 'Gazza' Gascoigne. According to former Newcastle player Clark, Morrison has the same ability to ghost past players and pick out a killer pass, just like Gascoigne in his prime. 

As well as his talents shining through, his attitude has also improved according to his manager. The 'bad boy' image he is surrounded with seems to be dropping and pundits and media alike, seem to be focusing on his raw talent once again, the talent that got him a place in Manchester United's academy, the same talent that saw him get touted as the next big thing in English football.

So in a modern time where English football is being critisised for not producing enough natural creative flair players, maybe Morrison can provide the breath of fresh air that it needs, maybe we are witnessing the next 'Gazza' in the making.