There something so comforting and ceremonial to adhere to some old traditions. However, it is so refreshing and inspiring to see some new customs pave the way, or set the standard.

Having played with white balls for many years, it was nice to see the optic yellow balls come into play for increased visibility. Yet, playing with white golf balls seems so normal.

It was nice to see Jackie Robinson, #42, playing baseball because talent comes in all shapes and colors. It was exciting to see Tiger Woods win his first Master's green jacket awarded to the tournament champion, because hard work pays off no matter who you are.

What trumped all of this was when I saw former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice stroll down Augusta in a green jacket as an Augusta National Golf Club member proving that no matter when it's done, doing the right thing is timeless and foremost. Rice's jacket signified her membership along with Daria Moore, as the first two women to be admitted to the Augusta Golf Club as members.

There is no golfer who doesn't want to play Augusta, especially prior to its hosting the Memorial Tournament, April 11-14, the first PGA Major. Nonetheless, there are many reasons that one could not be a member or play the course, such as having a résumé which pales to Rice's, and not being able to make Moore's $25 million Dollar donation to South Carolina, or having a golf handicap of 12.7.

Two females are a start, and hopefully not the end. Even so, it is nice to see someone that is closer to me in gender, age, and color realize the dream for a vicarious thrill, and to know that we finally are getting closer to "all-inclusive" as a new standard.

These new members, and older members like NFL Hall of Famer Lynn Swann who talked with Tiger Woods on the putting green, are allowed to play the Augusta course prior to the Masters. Maybe this good "mojo" will help Woods, ranked No. 1 in the world, win his 5th Memorial, 15th major, and 77th victory this coming week-end or Phil Mickelson who played with Rice this past Sunday don their another green jacket.