Fulham pulled off one of the coups of the English Premier League summer transfer window, when they landed Dimitar Berbatov. Fulham boss Martin Jol signed the Mnachester United reject for a modest fee of around £5 million.

Such a small figure for a player of Berbatov's immense talents, is a true bargain and can prove to be the buy of the EPL season. Misused and unfairly criticised during his tenure with United, many have forgotten Berbatov's incredible ability on the pitch.

He was never an appropriate match for United's fast-paced, direct style of play. This led to inevitable accusations of laziness and a cavalier attitude.

However, these assertions are wide of the mark when it comes to the mercurial Bulgarian ace. Yes, Berbatov plays at a slow pace, but his game is based more on speed of thought, than quickness of movement.

Therefore his style is languid, but languid is not the same as lazy. Berbatov is a cerebral forward who creates space through clever touches and flawless technique, rather than pacey runs.

A great example of this was the first of Berbatov's two goals in Fulham's 3-0 demolition of West Bromwich Albion yesterday. He controlled a slide pass into the box, positioning the ball in front of him with one deft touch.

The 31-year-old then lifted a perfectly-angled curled effort into the top corner of the net. It was a typically classy finish.

Speaking of goalscoring, for all the talk of Berbatov's supposed failings in Manchester, his record in front of goal for United was excellent. He netted 49 league goals in just 82 appearances.

In fact, since he arrived in the EPL in 2006, Berbatov has had no problem finding the back of the net. That's why his move to Fulham is the ideal scenario.

Berbatov is reunited with Jol, who oversaw possibly the best period of the striker's career, when the pair worked for Tottenham Hotspur. Jol won't ask Berbatov to do what doesn't suit his natural game.

He will build a Fulham style based on intricate build-up play, to maximize what Berbatov does best. Give him a free role up front and allow him to drift where he anticipates the action and Berbatov is good for 20+ goals.

Fulham can help him prove he is still one of the biggest talents in the Premier League. By season's end more than one big club will be right to feel ashamed that they didn't puruse a player of his stature for such a modest fee.