The foreign influx in the league is often a popularly cited reason for the recent failures of England in international competitions. The argument is that the very high number of foreign players in the English Premier League (EPL) hinder the development of English talent coming through because English players are not being given a chance. 
In reality what the foreign influx has done is to  change the landscape of the league.  The cultural aspects that defined English football, its pace, its physicality, its tactical naivety, its preference of industry over creativity, are no longer strict truisms. Vast investments and relaxed rules have allowed the league to have 70% foreign players as well as a significant number of foreign coaches and managers thus resulting in an altering of the DNA of the EPL. 
The league's new identity is borne out by recent statistics. When analysing the the Amisco statistics former Liverpool manager Rafa Benitez concludes "...the technical aspects, the systems of play and also the tactics, are becoming similar in both leagues due to the continental influence in the Premier League." What the statistics also show is that the premier league is played at a faster pace and is more physical. In terms of evolving identities what this tells us is that the EPL has retained its physicality and speed while evolving technical aspects of their game.  The EPL now has 5 teams in the top 10 in Europe for passing accuracy while La liga and Serie A both have two and the Bundesliga have 1. 
It is only inevitable that this injection of foreign players and coaches will help breed a new kind of English player, one who will adapt his style to reflect all the influences. The league has helped and is helping the national team forge a new identity and the stereotype of strong, passionate, hardworking English player is slowly fading. The strength and passion is now met with finesse, skill and guile.
While there is a deep sense of anxiety regarding the future of English football especially after poor showings at international tournaments, I am more optimistic. I foresee a national team with players that have learned and absorbed different styles of playing, different philosophies and are technically and skilfully brilliant.  
A country's football culture is embodied in its national league and the la liga and Serie A both mirror their national teams in terms of style and tactics. After having its traditional identity shaken, the EPL is now a rich tapestry of contrasting styles of football that is slowly being mirrored in the national team. With time and maturity (and a Hegelian synthesis) the England team will be comfortable with it's new identity and perhaps herald a brave new world where England wins trophies. (Perhaps)

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