We all know that LeBron James is one of the greatest players to ever step on a basketball court. He is the consensus greatest player in the game today. He’s a four time MVP and a one time NBA champion. None of this can be disputed.

Some even say that James is on the level of, if not better than, the great Michael Jordan as the best player to ever play the game. This is where I strongly disagree, for various reasons. Reasons I won’t explain today, that’s for another article.

But I will say that IF he is even close to Jordan then tonight’s game 7 matchup, between the Indiana Pacers and the Miami Heat, is where he can somewhat justify that ridiculous claim. James has to show up tonight, take the game over, and win at all costs.

The Heat are, and have been, the favorites to win the NBA title all season long. Anything short of a championship is a failure. Not even making it to the NBA Finals is an epic failure. If James is what his stans say he is then he will dominate tonight and take no prisoners. I’m expecting a herculean effort from the four time MVP.

Something similar to the 45 and 15 dominant performance he had last season against the Boston Celtics to avoid elimination in game 6. Don’t get me wrong … James has played very well so far this series. The other two superstars on his team have barely showed up. Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh have both been beyond disappointing. But it’s still not an excuse for the Heat to lose game 7.

And that’s all the more reason for LeBron to come out on fire tonight aggressive from the start. I know he needs help to win the title. That’s no doubt. But right now it’s a one game season. And someone who is supposed to be close to the greatest of all time in Michael Jordan would make sure his team wins by any means necessary. If this were one of Jordan’s teams it would be no question who would win tonight...actually it probably wouldn’t even get to this point because Jordan rarely allowed a series to even get to a game 7 (3-0 for his career).

I don’t want to hear any excuses tonight. It’s all or nothing, win or go home … a situation where the best player in the game is supposed to dominate and carry his team on his back to a victory. Anything less will be a failure and a disappointment. It’s that simple.