Gareth Bale Transfer News: Is Tottenham Star More Of a Catalan Or Galactico?

Gareth Frank Bale, the welsh wizard opens a door for any clubs to take him out from the white hart lane. But, leading the race is 2 clubs from the spanish sides, Real Madrid and Barcelona. The big question is “Which of the clubs are most likely to get his signatures?”. Now, lets try to answer that question.

The 23 years old player plays best as a left back and left midfielder. Then which clubs really desperate in one of those positions? First, Let’s look at Los Blanco.

Real Madrid has been going through some hard time since the “FIFA Virus” hits the spaniards. Mourinho got the message, “Anything can happen”. Fabio Coentrao, Marcello, and Arbeloa has been ruled out because of Injury while they were playing for their countries. 3 out of 4 Real Madrid’s fullbacks has been unavailable, an early surprise for the special one? That left him to do the plan B. Switching Sergio Ramos to play on the right side and put Essien on the left leaving Pepe and Varane in the centre. Luckily, they have good physios on their side, who have tried their best to accelerate the recovery and now things are starting to get better for Real Madrid. But still, Mourinho realized how important is it to be well prepared for a long season. So now, he is looking for an option to add another fullback after the last rumour of interest in Douglas Maicon fell through. Now he sets his eyes on Gareth Bale. A Bola, a portuguesse newspaper reported that Mourinho is preparing $30 Mill + Coentrao for Tottenham.

And Barcelona? Not really in the urge of adding another full back, they still got Jordi Alba and Adriano. So, looking from the needs, seems like Real Madrid will be the best option, but no. Marcello is a world-class player, no doubt. And this will be hard for Gareth Bale to take him off his throne, while in Barcelona? Adrian and Jordi Alba is not on the same level as Marcello, and Gareth Bale might be on the higher level than those 2 players, this make the chance for Gareth Bale to immediately gets the place in the starting XI bigger.

Why not looking from the Left midfield side? In Real Madrid they put Cristiano Ronaldo and in Barcelona, Pedro Rodriguez. It will be hard for Bale to aim for the first team spot on that position.

Second, Teammates influence. Is there any Tottenham players that ever been to Barcelona? Nope. How about to Real Madrid? Yep. Emmanuel Adebayor and now, Luka Modric. Seems like Emmanuel Adebayor had a really good time at Bernabeu, he even said his desires to play again under the Special one spell in Real Madrid. Not only Adebayor, Luka Modric immediately said that he is grateful for this move to Real Madrid. How is this important? Look at how Xabi Alonso influence Nuri Sahin to join liverpool instead of Arsenal, and Fabregas on Song to join Barcelona? Besides the opportunity to play this might be a decisive key factor. And looking at Emmanuel Adebayor positive impression about Real Madrid, Gareth Bale might want to taste what is it like to be an Adebayor at Real Madrid.

So, overall, both of the clubs have the same chance to land the welsh national, but looking at those attributes above, it might be 51 % for Real Madrid and 49 % for Barcelona. Wish you all the best, Bale!