I have been attending all the Texans training camp days over the weekend and I went headstrong with players that I know are going to be great and want to be there to watch them start to make that leap. The first day I just wanted to watch Kareem Jackson and Brandon Harris who are my two favorite Texan's defensive backs, I do however respect that Jonathan Joseph is the best on the squad. As I watched Harris and Jackson I thought to myself that the tandem of those two corners should be fun to watch. Harris will now fill in the sub role of the departed now Bengal corner Jason Allen.

With Allen's departure Alan Ball was brought in. I am far from sold on Ball. Watching him in camp, Roc Carmichael seemed to outperform Ball. Which part of 2011 Cowboys secondary makes you think of any great corners? I just seem to remember the guys over there in Dallas that play in a 'billion dollar play pen' seem to get scorched and blow games. So I am not a Ball fan and really hope the Harris will be given a legitimate shot to be ahead of Ball on the depth chart and not be tied to some salary guilt trip feeling like you have to play Ball because you are paying him more 

As a huge Kareem Jackson fan, he shows he has plenty of potential and is still developing, most fans do not have the brightest of judgment when discussing Jackson and do not put all the variables of his 2010 rookie season in perspective, such as the now fired Frank Bush or starting a rookie corner when it was clear he was being targeted and losing confidence all the while he seemed immune to be benched, but not in a negative way. Jackson is making big strides in improvement in his coverage skills, his coach calls Jackson a "shutdown corner" for the first fifteen yards and he's right. Jackson is showing great coverage skills and is starting to look for the ball more. Remember Kareem Jackson was one of the starting members of the Texans top ranked defense last year as much as anyone of the other ten players.