With it still to this day being widely accepted the Texans will (better) take a wide receiver in the first round today we will look at another selection who is projected to fall to them anywhere around 22-30 overall. Alshon being my first choice and still my favorite receiver in the draft and who I strongly believe will pan out as the best receiver in the class in a couple years just solidified his first round status at his pro day. He caught everything that touched his hands and ran multiple 40 yd dashes for the scouts which ranged from high 4.4 to 4.55. Today though we will look at the next best selection and that being in Georgia Tech wideout Stephen Hill 
Hill really flew under the radar for a lot of scouts until he made a big splash at the combine. The offense ran at Georgia only sent the ball to Hill 28 times last year, the best part was for 28 for 820 yards which led the nation in yards per catch at 29.3. Hill really stood out in the combine which is where all the players who are standouts on mediocre teams can come prove themselves and give everyone a taste. When Hill came up to the 40 yd dash he had my attention to watch because he was 6-4 and I am all about big receivers, height is such a advantage to the smaller DBs when used properly. As soon as he took off his official time tied with the fastest guys there with a 4.36. 
Hill has the hands and proved that at his pro day as well. His height with his freakish speed makes him a dream pick in the first round especially in the later part of the round where Alshon is also expected to fall. It would be a tough choice to pick between both of them. Alshon can come in a make some noise in the league fairly quickly while Hill made need to be coached a little as many scouts think he is a little raw at the moment hence the reason he will fall late in the first. When I saw him I immediately thought of Randy Moss and i know I get crucified for making those kind of comparisons but his ability to stretch the defense downfield and kill them deep is something the Texans are exactly looking for. On the plus side it is noted by many scouting reports that he also possesses great run block ability, perfect for the Texans. 
Hill is easily the sleeper choice in the NFL Draft, he is everything the Texans are looking for by definition of a legit number two threat who can stretch a defense to take pressure off Andre and help the run game. When a guy comes in with that ability at 6-4 4.3 speed that is freakish and needs to be picked up by the Texans. Hill opposite of Andre Johnson would be a deadly combo. Most teams are banking on taking Hill in the high 2nd round round which makes it a serious crucial decision to decide to take Hill with the 26th overall pick.