As the NFL Draft draws near and is a month away we will take a look at what the Houston Texans are going to look to invest their first round pick in. First need that needs to be addressed and is widely accepted by all draft experts is the glaring need at a legit number two wide receiver who can be later groomed into the number one once Andre Johnson retires as he is not getting any younger.

First thing when looking at the very deep wide receiver class for the Houston Texans to chose from is eliminating who will be taken before the 26th overall pick so please disregard Justin Blackmon and there is no way the Texans can get him and I am perfectly fine with that as I like two others over him anyways. When looking at mock drafts most 'homers' such as writers John McClain and others in the Houston area are all over Kendall Wright and depending which expert mock draft you look at Kendall is all over the place and honestly I am staring to pray he is taken earlier in the draft so the Texans will not have that choice available because there is so much better potential out there that is overlooked. So now we will begin with my favorite wide receiver in the draft: Alshon Jeffery.

People have Alshon all over the place but no earlier than 26 overall actually. Why you ask? Mock drafts are all based on the media and opinions that are constantly changing draft stock everyday in between from the combine to the players pro day. Alshon's stock is low because simply like many other big names did not perform at the combine and choose to perform at their pro days. So like a real scout I invite you to look at multiple films and highlights of who your dream pick at 26 is and compare them to Alshon.

First thing you will notice is Alshon destroyed top 1st round talent corners his whole college career in the SEC. His focus on catching everything that touches his hands is incredible when he will be in double and sometimes triple coverage around him, (yes that means there was someone else wide open and the qb still throws to Alshon's hands anyway) Alshon simply has something that does not grow on trees and cannot be coached: his sheer size and the size of his hands. Alshon destroyed the best corners in the SEC because he was just flat out bigger than all of them and used that to his advantage. At the combine he also measured with the biggest hands in the wide receiver class. That's why he has multiple one handed catches, his hand size and his focus. Kendall Wright cant get away with half the stuff that Alshon can because Kendall Wright came in measuring at all 5-10 of himself. Alshon measured in at 6-4, yes that would make him one inch taller than Andre Johnson. The Texans do not need another guy like Jacoby Jones who is under six foot and just relies on his speed, they need a legit number two who can make that tough catches and just make the catch just by bigger and stronger than the defense.

You will notice in films despite the main criticism of Alshon is ability to separate; he does have speed on film and shows it. Just like how Kendall Wright ran a 4.6 at the combine and scouts did not believe that after what they saw on film. Kendall went on to run a 4.4 at his pro day. Alshon shows on tape he has speed, and strength to just truck through the much smaller defensive backs. He has 4.5 speed on tape, he just needs to officially prove it in front of scouts on Wednesday at his pro day where every team will have a scout with all eyes on Alshon. Alshon is my favorite wide receiver in the draft and is often overlooked because of not participating at the combine; he did shut up his critics though at the combine when weighing in all the 'experts' thought he was overweight thinking he was 250 or 245 until he stepped on the scale and weighed in at 216. Take a look at Alshon Jeffery and compare him to Kendall Wright yourself on multiple highlights of each player and tell me who you would rather have opposite of Andre and later take Andre's place to be target number one.