Reports suggesting in the last week that long term Chelsea target Hulk, is still in the pipeline, just as many Chelsea supporters dismissed this move.

The latest news regarding this saga, is that Hulk's agent, Chelsea, Porto, and Hulk's third part owner are all in talks to push this deal through. There has been complications regarding Hulk's third party ownership and where some of the reported £38 million will be going. 


Hulk wants to join the European Champions, there is no doubt about that. recently talking about Chelsea's interest in an interview with Four Four Two magazine, he says "I am very happy. They are the European Champions and the best club in Europe at the moment. For me, it's a huge achievement that they want me to play for them. I want to win trophies, that is what I want to do if i join Chelsea"

Hulk, who has often been very diplomatic when asked about a move away from Porto, is now seeming to be struggling to hide his excitement as a deal moves closer. 

With the confusion surrounding the transfer fee and Hulk's ownership, I am fully expecting this one to go down to the final day of the transfer window, and could provide an exciting last couple of hours at the end of August.