Chelsea fans and Sky Sports, who it seems are also Chelsea fans, have been almost orgasmic this week because of some off the cuff comments from Mourinho in the heat of the moment after being dumped out of the Champions League yet again by Borussia Dortmund. The self-proclaimed `special one` has spent the last few days making tangential comments about his future, leading gullible Chelsea acolytes trembling with anticipation that he will return like Lazarus and lead them once again to the promised land, helped no doubt by a few more hundreds million pounds of sociopath owner, Abramovich`s money!
The comments made by Mourinho would lead you to think that there is some kind of hatred towards him in Spain, whilst here in good ole England; we think he is the messiah. The truth is that in Spain, his convoluted ramblings and bewildering conspiracy theories are seen as excuses for poor results. Mourinho historically, has never accepted that he is at fault for any failures; instead, he blames the players, the opposition, and the officials, the pitch, the weather, the gods, the fans or Iker Casillas! Here in England, the sycophants in the media, especially Sky Sports, drool over his every word as though they were the Ten Commandments. Let us not forget, that he spent hundreds of millions at Chelsea and won the title twice. He never won the Champions League.
So, here in England, we await the return of the king, however, as always, reality gets in the way of fantasy and it seems that the horrible man who owns Chelsea is not quite as `over the moon` with the thought of a return to the in-fighting and power struggles which dominated his reign. So much so, that he has made it clear that any return would only be as coach. He would have to work under Technical Director Michael Emenalo if he wants to return to Stamford Bridge.
Needless to say, that has taken some of the gloss off the marriage proposal and it now looks as though Mourinho might make a right turn at the Channel and go to PSG in Paris instead. Of course that would mean that Carlo Ancelotti would have to be sacked and that will prove expensive. Since Mourinho left in 2007, the structure of the club has changed, with Emenalo in charge of player recruitment and involved in the on-going negotiations to land Atletico Madrid striker Radomel Falcao and Andre Schuerrle from Bayer Leverkusen. And although it seems that Mourinho is attempting to orchestrate a popular wave to bring him back to the Bridge in triumph, it has been made clear that both Emenalo and chief executive Ron Gourlay have Abramovich's full support and backing.
Maybe his desire to come back to where he is loved will overwhelm the fact that he will just be another coach this time around. Whatever happens, it looks certain that he will leave Real Madrid after such another abject failure in the Champions League.