Chelsea fans around the country had better put the champagne away, as it has become clear after today`s comments by Jose Mourinho, that he will not be going to Chelsea this summer. That does not mean to say he will stay at Real Madrid, but there have been developments in the story behind the media hype about his impending move back to Chelsea.
Earlier this week, in the aftermath of a disappointing exit from the Champions League semi-final against Borussia Dortmund, Mourinho was asked about his future. Needless to say, he was still emotional about the devastating blow to his ego amongst other things, after all he had pinned his reputation on Real Madrid winning the Champions League. With his main Spanish rival, Barcelona, utterly destroyed by Bayern Munich, it must have seemed like the best opportunity yet for his club to progress to the final and ultimate glory.
Of course we all know what happened, but we cannot take any credence from an interview conducted shortly after such a match. What Mourinho said about "being loved" was more of an emotional knee-jerk reaction to the enormity of what had just happened. However, the gullible English media jumped straight to the conclusion that this was some kind of coded message that he was coming home to Chelsea. Apart from the naivety of it, it is also very misleading for readers of newspapers in the UK; champagne corks could be heard all over West London!
However, a little scratching of the surface and you find that hidden amongst all the rhetoric are comments that spelled the death-knell for his apparent return. Those comments referred to the position of Michael Emenalo, technical director and the person who would have been Mourinho`s direct boss. Emenalo would be in charge of transfer policy amongst other things and it would have reduced Mourinho`s position to that of mere coach. Bearing in mind that it was precisely this situation which prompted his resignation from Chelsea in the first place, it has become increasingly apparent that he would not succumb to this situation again.
It is for this reason that he has now made a statement that he has not decided to leave Real Madrid this summer, instead he will wait until the season is over and discuss things with the president of the club. Mourinho funds his success on spending hundreds of millions of pounds on transfers, so unless Real Madrid are going on another unsustainable spending spree, he may look towards PSG, who seem to stick two fingers up at the FFP rules Frenchman Platini is trying to enforce.
It is not certain until the end of the season where he will go, but we already know that it will not be Chelsea.