Josh Hamilton: Four Home Run Game Triggers More Contract Talk

After a historic hitting performance that included four identical two-run homers and a hard-hit double, how can any baseball fan not be impressed with a post-steroid era slugger whon goes five-for-five with eight RBI and 18 total bases in a one nine-inning game? 

Josh Hamilton's performance may seem like evidence for the Rangers' owners to offer a huge contract extension.

But this is a baseball superstar who has many more questions than answers in his career.  Hamilton's drug and alcohol abuse is one of the most publicized stories in baseball, and his road to recovery included a pair of slips. The most recent was on Feb. 2 when he claimed to have had two or three drinks.

Now Hamilton is apparently sober, and crushing the ball. He is also subject to enduring speculation of his future with either the Rangers or another club. Hamilton is a product of a culture that has moved past the steroid era, but is still married to a media lifestyle where sports stars are more highlight clips than actual people.

Today's athletes are showered with so much love and admiration that it helps to feed egos that gave us cartoon-like figures such as Sammy Sosa, Mark McGuire and Barry Bonds. 

What happens when that ego is real and vulnerable, when it can't deal with so much success it needs to escape? Where can it go when it lives in a culture that is so obsessed with celebrity creations that have now entered the world of sports with the advent of TMZ Sports? 

The days of dipping under the spotlight when you've reached stardom have passed, and now stars can't even breath without someone jumping or staring at them with a stalker  look that use to be a glance.

Hamilton went from a man who couldn't even show up on time, to a guy who's having the time of his life.

The problem is how to celebrate and get to enjoy when you've worked so hard the world posts you up on social media's door.  It's not only where Hamilton has been, it's more about where will he end up. 

Many questions persist for how Hamilton is able to keep his feet on the ground.

My question is how does he get to enjoy it and keep his mind sound?

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