It's a defining week for Roberto Di Matteo, the going has began to get tough. Long has since past since the 'honeymoon' period of the FA Cup win and Champions League win. Now is the time for him to show his bottle as the Chelsea gaffer, many have managers have fallen when the going gets tough at the Blues. Including the man himself, Jose Mourinho. 

Tonight, they face their sternest test in the Champions League this season. Juventus could potentially exit the competition with defeat and a Shakhtar victory in Denmark. Perhaps the Italian champions will go all out attack on a Chelsea backline that looked weak against West Brom. 

Reports have it Fernando Torres may be left out, the Spanish forward has looked like he can return to the man we saw at Liverpool. But, he's let many down on too many occasions. Bold decisions will be made by Di Matteo, perhaps he could use his 'get out of jail card' and return to the nega-tactics of last seasons Champions League. As they say 'stick to your guns'.

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