LA Clippers News: “Magic” Johnson Uses “Show Time” To Describe Chris Paul's Lob City Clippers

The Lob City Clippers are on an all-time run. The Clippers thrashed the Boston Celtics 106 – 77 to win their 15th straight game, the best run of consecutive games in the Clippers franchise history.

 The Clippers are playing at a high level with Chris, “CP3” Paul leading the way along with Blake Griffin, a solid starting five and a great bench which is still without Grant Hill, but considered the best bench in the league at this point in the season.

 The Clippers high flying act on fast-breaks and in their half-court sets, have earned them the nickname “Lob City”. The Clippers currently are 3rd in the NBA in fast-break points, averaging 17.8 points per game.

 The exciting dunks on fast-breaks and off lob passes evokes excitement in the Clippers announcer Ralph Lawler, who often says “Chris Paul has the ball, Oh My, he lobs to Blake Griffin, what a dunk. CP3 passes to Blake and Blake throws an alley-op to DeAndre Jordan for the monster dunk!” That’s “Lob City”.

 The Clippers are clicking on all cylinders. They have been so impressive during their win streak offensively, defensively and with unselfish play that former Los Angeles Lakers great and current ESPN analyst Ervin “Magic”Johnson has coined the Clippers as today’s “Show Time”. Johnson’s description of the Clipper’s play gives them an upgrade from “Lob City” a side show to “Show Time” a team that may be able to contend for a title.

The Lakers teams of the 80’s put on a show while winning. They captured the “Show Time” name as their own on the court. During the 1980’s the Lakers won five NBA Championships. “Magic” was the forerunner of the original “Show Time”. Lakers fans were used to hearing the late Lakers announcer Chick Hearn saying, here comes “Magic” with the basketball he looks right and passes left, slam dunk James Worthy, slam dunk Kareem, slam dunk, Byron Scott soars in for the score. “Magic” sees in the Los Angeles Clippers team that same fun he and his Lakers teammates experienced while playing the game to win.

During the Clippers fifteen-game winning streak they have displayed the components that are necessary to be contenders. Though it is still early in a long NBA season, the Clippers are showing championship level prowess in all the key areas.

Defensively they have been able get stops by consistently getting defensive rebounds, generating turnovers and steals which all lead to fast-breaks. The leadership of Chris Paul and Blake Griffin on the court and Chauncey Billups in the locker room has galvanized this Clippers team’s perspective towards one goal . . . winning.    

CP3 is making great decisions along with the team executing in the Clippers’ half court play has elevated them to a higher level than just a “Lob City” side show. Throw in a bench that is performing on a starting five level of production you have a team that has the potential to contend for a championship.

 “Show Time” Lakers of old have proven that they were more than a show but were championship contenders each year. Now it is the new “Show Timers” who have to live up to the name “Magic” felt inspired to give them, his own “Show Time” moniker.  Will the Clippers live up to the name? Stay tuned!     

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