The fire may have extinguished, but the smoke is very much there.

Mahesh Bhupathi once again hit back at the AITA, accusing the Indian tennis’ governing body for creating "divide-and-rule" policy and its "dictatorial attitude".

Surprisingly the veteran tennis star put his sympathy for Leander Paes, with whom he is at daggers drawn.

Taking a u-turn, Bhupathi told the media he does not blame Paes for the London Games fiasco over the selection of the teams.

He said, “Leander is not to be blamed for this. He is playing the part of a professional player and he wants to do the best he can do for himself.”

Singling out AITA president Anil Khanna, Bhupathi made a scathing attack.

He alleged that Khanna was playing "dirty politics" and creating rift among players, particularly between him and Leander Paes.

According to him, "Khanna has redefined the term divide and rule, and at this year's Olympics he used Leander's shoulder to fire the gun against me multiple times. Unfortunately the media terms this a Bhupathi-Paes rift and the true underbelly is left unquestioned.

"He has enjoyed the rift between Leander and me as no other.

"No one made an effort to talk to me or Leander. Zero effort was made to get us in a room and solve the issue.”

He also said it is almost impossible for him to dawn the Indian jersey any more.

"I played my last match for India in the present circumstances (London Games) and next year will be my last on the tour definitely. A lot of people celebrated on the day we lost (in Olympics)," he said