LeBron James is the arguably the best basketball player in the world. He gave himself the self proclaimed nickname "The Chosen One" or as many of his fans call him "The King". Last basketball season James claimed is first NBA championship title after failing twice to the Dallas Mavericks and San Antonio Spurs. LeBron James is now a three time MVP, last years Finals MVP, 2012's Sports Illustrated Player of the Year, and a two time Olympic Gold Medalist. Regardless of all of LeBron James accomplishments he is a Master of Disguise.

LeBron James captures many of his fans attention by his high-flying dunks and God given arttributes. But LeBron James is missing one key factor that all great players of his skill set contained. LeBron James simply isn't clutch. The lack of James's clutch ness doesn't make James a Master of Disguise, it's how James comes about to the situation in clutch moments.

I know LeBron James has an career average of 27.6 points per game and will produce at least double-double in each game. Where LeBron James fools everyone is how he handles every game that is very close in the fourth quarter. LeBron James runs and hides away from the situation! In my head I think LeBron James will take the ball and knock down all the shots needed to win the game. But in reality LeBron James sits in the corner of the court while watching Dwayne Wade or Chris Bosh attempt to hit a game winner. Yes, James has made game tying shots but has only a staggering one game winning shot in ten years of playing in the NBA!

All of the great players like Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony, and greatest of all time Michael Jordan have that killer or assassin like mentality. They all will have the ball in their hands at any point of the fourth quarter if the game is on the line. Whether it is taking two free throws to win the game or knocking down a jump shot all of these players would take the initiative to make those points. Rarely would you ever see them pass the ball to any other teammate in the final moments of any games.

This is where the disguise comes in. James takes shots with a "cushion" in the final moments, meaning two or four point leads. The game against the Lakers on January 17 he did this exact thing. Kobe Bryant helped the Lakers tie the at 90 to 90 with less than two minutes left in the game. After the Lakers make the run everyone would assume LeBron would take the initiative and win the game for his team right? Wrong, Dwayne Wade and Ray Allen each made a shot before LeBron James even attempted to make a shot. The same happened in the game against Boston. LeBron James missed the game winning shot but for once took the initiative to take the shot then again the clutch factor comes into play. In the first overtime he missed two shots(one being a layup) that would of won the game for his team. In the second overtime Lebron James ran away from taking the final shot by letting Dwayne Wade force up a shot in the final seconds, then with a second attempt watched Shane Battier heave up 40 foot shot while standing in the corner again.  

LeBron James is no doubt the most dominant player in the NBA but shies away from moments that matter the most. What will happen if he makes it to the finals again in a game seven?  He may be "The Chosen One" or "The King" but in my eyes he is a Master in Disguise.