Most football fans if not all know this name. Lionel Messi. The 25 year old youngster writes his name in the history book one more time, with only a few pages left, there is only a handful of record FIFA can come up with that Messi hasn't broken....yet. 

In the 73rd minute, it seemed that Messi would not get a chance to secure another record, so it seemed, but out of a brilliant pass to Tello, Messi found himself once again at the end of 'fruits of his labor'. Messi scored his 29th goal in 19 consecutive matches, and his 43rd in the league leaving Ronaldo 16 goals behind at 27 for the race to the Pichichi trophy. 

A milestone for Messi, as he has scored in 19th game straight, and every time he scores, he comes closer to breaking his own league record from last year where he gathered 50 goals in a season. With a dozen games left, Messi will definitely break his own record. 

Lionel Messi has now scored against every team in the league, only Ronaldo has 1 more since he scored an own goal on Madrid. 

Best part for Barcelona, he is only 25. Sir Alex Ferguson said at a press conference after losing the Champions League to Barcelona, "He (Messi) is only 25 years old, most players reach their prime at 28." Messi amasses a record 87 goals a year in international duties, league, and all club competition excluding friendlies. 

Lets see how Messi started his past two historic seasons: 

1. Messi got his best start for Barcelona as he netted 5 goals in 2 games, the best ever in the league. 

2. With his 14th league goal, Messi equalized Caesar's record goals against the Blancos (Madrid). 

3. Messi breaks Ronaldo's 41 league goal record by scoring 50 league goals and winning the Pichichi. 

4. Messi massed 29 goals from 19 games, the best ever second half by any player in the world. 

5. On November 1st, Messi became the youngest player to score 200 goals, he was only 24. 

6. Messi broke Caesar's record to become Barcelona top scorer with 232 official goals, he was still only 24. 

7. 2011-12 Messi scored the most hat-trick with 8, and hold the record for the most hat-trick with 16. 

8. Messi is the only player to win 4 Ballon D'Ors, and has surpassed all European Legends. 

9. Messi has scored and assisted in all 6 competition Barcelona took part in. 

10. Messi recorded the fastest Hat-trick (17 minutes) against Mallorca 5-0. 

11. Messi became the first player in the champions league to score 14 goals in a single season. 

At just 25, Messi is already the greatest player in the world. Many regard Pele, as the greatest player, but Pele's generation's football was not as sophisticated as today's. Defenders lacked stamina, control, and precision. At times, as much as 3 red cards were handed. Only 1 substitution was allowed, and after injury, the games were 11 vs 6 or 8 vs 5. Not to mention that Pele never played in Europe with the elite football players. The only thing Pele has, what Messi doesn't have is World Cup, but in time, all Argentinians put their faith behind the little man who can achieve everything. 

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