Liverpool Football Club are apparently again going through a crisis moment.

The manager, Brendan Rodgers, is under immense pressure after a humiliating loss to West Brom on Saturday and many feel that the prime reason for this apparent crisis was the failure of the top players to perform up to their potential against their lowly opponents on the first gameday of the new Premier League season.

One of the players who was criticized for not giving his best for the team after the game was Luis Suarez.

In all fairness, this is not quite the first time that the player has been criticized for underperforming for the club.

Over the past ten months or so, fans and critics have often lambasted the 25-year-old for his 'poor' performances and lack of goals for the Reds. However, what one often forgets is that the Uruguayan magician has been overburdened with responsibilities since arriving at Anfiled, mainly due to his mediocre teammates.

The workload of creating the goals is on Suarez; the workload of scoring the goals is on Suarez; and the workload of adding pace and spark to the team is also on the shoulders of the former Ajax star.

In simple words, Suarez has to do everything single-handedly on the pitch for his team and when he's unable to do so, he is labelled as a  'flop' player wasting his remarkable talents. Hence, without further ado, let's have a look at why Luis Suarez is in fact the man to take Liverpool to great heights and why the Uruguyan star can still win over the critics and fans at the club.

Astonishing Goalscoring Exploits at Ajax

Okay, this might be a futile and boring part where I'll venture into the foootballing past of Luis Suarez, but before counting him out as an able striker, one should surely have a look at the lad's goal-scoring exploits at Ajax.

Suarez spent almost four seasons at Ajax, scoring 111 goals and producing 37 assists in 159 games. During the 2009-10 season, Suarez scored 49 goals in 48 appearances. Even though the Eredivisie is considered as a 'Mick Mouse' league, you won't find many players with goalscoring records as impressive as that of Suarez.

He was twice voted the Ajax Player of the Year and was linked with almost of all the elite European clubs before Liverpool secured the signature of the the controversy-plagued striker.

Suarez's was Ajax's talisman and the force that binded the team together. The records clearly show the vast amount of talent the former Groningen star poses.

Even his finishing, that has widely been criticized as of late, was phenomenal and he was arguably of the most talented finishers in world football during his stay in the Netherlands.

Great National Team Record

Many stars are often criticized for failing to produce the good for their respective national sides; however, Suarez has been a prominent member of Uruguay national team over the last four years or so.

The Reds star has scored 28 times in 54 appearances for Oscar Tabarez's team and has played at numerous international competitions.

Barring the infamous handball against Ghana in the semi-final, Suarez's World Cup was a memorable and surely an impressive one. The 25-year-old tormented the oppositions' defense with his dazzling dribbles, lightning pace and immense attacking prowess in front of the goal. Alongside Diego Forlan, he was one of the prime reasons for this side's widely acclaimed campaign and had it not been the disastrous incident against Ghana, Suarez could have surely won thousands of fans and plaudits for his performances.

At the 2011 Copa America, Suarez was named player of the tournament at the Copa America 2011. He scored four goals for the Uruguay national team during the campaign and his semi-final performance against Peru, in which he scored a brace, was arguably the best individual performance of the tournament.

He might have been mediocre at the Olympics but it was perhaps the entire Uruguay team that failed at the Games. The squad lacked the required gel between the players and pointing out Suarez as the person responsible for the nation's failure will be unfair to say the least.

Nonetheless, what we can surely conclude is that Suarez has been a consistent player for his national side. He has played as a team player and has been instrumental to their success. It's just about having the right teammates and possibly less burden of carrying the team individually.

Glimpses at Liverpool and Lack of Team Productivity

In January 2011, Suarez signed for Liverpool for £22.8 million. He scored on his debut against Stoke City, and even though Suarez could only score four goals during his 'partial season', he did help the club to move from twelfth to sixth.

Added to that, one can never forget Suarez's wonderful performance against Manchester United in March that year. Even though he did not score during the 3-1 routing of the Red Devils, his phenomenal dribbles to set up one of Dirk Kuyt's goals will surely go down as one of the most entertaining pieces of skills that Premier League might have ever seen.

Last season was his first full season and Suarez scored 17 goals throughout the term. Many criticized him for his lack of productivity in front of the goal and branded him as an overrated player instead.

However, as stated many a times in this article, Suarez clearly lacked the correct teammates to work and play with. Most of Liverpool's players were highly inconsistent throughout the season and barely anyone provided Suarez with any kind of attacking help. The likes of Downing and Carroll were miserable to say the least and constant fitness issues to Steven Gerrard clearly affected Suarez's performances.

Throughout the season, he showed glimpses of his true talents. His hattrick against Norwich during the business end of the season was a great piece of football and that game showed how devastating Suarez can be on his day.

Yes, his finishing rate has been poor, but the immense amount of creativity added by Suarez to the Liverpool team has been stunning. He's currently their best player and an integral part of their future. Parting ways with the striker could well be a big mistake by the club and Suarez himself deserves to stay at Anfiled for the immense contributions he has made to the team until now.


The occasional, in fact, the regular flashes of brilliance have clearly showed us that Suarez lacks an attacking partner and a decent productive midfield. Maybe, with the arrival of Joe Allen and Fabio Borini, this problem of avenue could be solved.

Against West Brom, Borini was played in a wider role and clearly the former Chelsea youngster struggled in that position. Suarez played as the sole striker and looking at his possible strengths, Suarez could be a more productive player in the second-striker role.

Suarez has fantastic vision, beautiful dribbling abilities and great pace. He can easily lay off wonderful passes to Borini or Carroll and the trio could possibly form one of the most daunting  attacking partnerships in England right now.

The reason for Suarez not performing up to his level best is not because he's not quite the Liverpool material, it's because he's been often played in a wrong position and with the wrong teammates.

Under a new manager this term and with more capable teammates, one could surely expect Suarez to finally flourish at Anfield and go on to become a Kop legend.