Brendan Rodgers is the man behind Swansea's brilliant performances in the Premier League last season. The Swansea players responded beautifully to his ideal of beautiful football and often put stronger teams into submission. Rodgers manages Liverpool now and his transfer strategy makes for interesting reading.

Liverpool have been a club in regression, most fans would agree. The days of challenging for the premier league crown along with customary Champions League semi final appearances seem far back in time. Last season was an unmitigated disaster for the Kops. A lot of ink has gone into describing Kenny Dalglish's faulty transfer strategy, injuries to key personnel and the like but the hard truth is that no Kop wishes their beloved club to faulter like this.

Enter Rodgers, a dynamic young manager who pulled punches way above his weight with his Swansea team. His transfer signings or potential signings raise an alarm in terms of ambitions of a club of Liverpool's stature. It may have something to do with Dalglish's no-holds-barred spending on players who have simply not performed.

The notable exits so far have been Alberto Aquilani to Fiorentina and Dirk Kuyt to Fenerbache. There is a point in not keeping the ever injured Aquilani on the books but Kuyt has been an energetic presence on the flank or at the front of the attacking third for Liverpool. He has been committed to the cause of the club and it must have been hard on some fans to see him go. Liverpool have added Fabio Borini to their ranks. Borini is a good player but nowhere near the class of players being linked to their rivals in the transfer market. Agreed, Liverpool does not excite many top players as an exciting destination but this club has seen phases like this in the past and come back stronger to claim its place in the elite of English football. 

A worrying facet of Rodger's transfer strategy is his fascination for Swansea players. A manager willing to bring in top talent from his former club is quite common. But fans are concerned about the price being quoted and the willingness of Liverpool to pay for the likes of Joe Allen and some of his Swansea teammates. Swansea has performed admirably during the last season and due credit to them but Liverpool fans would certainly want bigger names than Joe Allen for 15 million pounds or so. Add to that, the fact that Agger may well be on his way out, things do not look as bright for the club. Rodgers also has not handled the Andy Caroll situation very well either.

This only holds true of the transfer market movements made by Liverpool. The season is yet to start and what impace Rodgers has had on the Liverpool way for playing football remains to be seen. It is however a gloomy picture as far as signings are concerned, when seen in light of what the other rivals have been up to. Rodgers should stop painting Liverpool FC in Swansea colours and realise that Liverpool FC should aim higher for that has been their calling for as long as we can remember.