LIVERPOOL NEWS: Damien Comolli's Departure a Step in the Right Direction?

It has been over a week now since Damien Comolli left Liverpool by 'mutual consent' and there has been time for the dust to settle.

But was it really the right move for Fenway Sports Group to get rid of their erstwhile Director of Football Strategy?

Opinions over the Frenchman's involvement in transfer dealings vary. Kenny Dalglish has claimed publicly that all the transfers the team made last summer were of his own choosing, and that Comolli merely facilitated the players arrival at the club, although his remit when he was appointed in Nov. 2010 was to oversee the recruitment of new players, so it is unlikely that he had no involvement at all.

Even if his role contained no advice on players, he was tasked with bringing them into the club, and while players like Stewart Downing, Jordan Henderson, and Andy Carroll are finally starting to show some promising signs of development on the pitch, the fact that Liverpool paid approximately £75 million for the trio, when they could have added them for about £45 million, is astounding.

The fact that Comolli wasn't able to negotiate better deals for these players suggests that perhaps his negotiating skills weren't as top notch as we were led to believe at the time of his appointment.

With that being said, if he was just responsible for bringing in players that the manager put forward, then Liverpool have him to thank for the bargain buys of Craig Bellamy and Jose Enrique, who have been amongst the most mercurial performers in what can only best be described as a lacklustre season.

However, if Comolli was heavily involved in club transfer policy, then FSG were right to call time on his Liverpool career. Very interesting was the claim made by Ryan Babel on his Twitter feed on Apr. 18 that Comolli was instrumental in his departure, and that he saw it all as 'just business.'

Seeing any football club as 'just business' is a dangerous path, which leads to the departure of players who, like Babel, loved the team they were playing for, and the arrival of others that might not feel so motivated to perform.

Where this will lead is anyone's guess, but Liverpool are probably better off not having someone meddling in transfer decisions, and the coming summer will be a big one for the club as we see how they progress not just on the pitch but behind the scenes as well.