Liverpool News: LFC to cash in on 'luxury' Andy Carroll

By Kevin Morley.

They say that when a manager does not fancy you any longer then it is time to move on.  History is littered with players who have tried to stay in these circumstances, only to become more frustrated at watching their value dwindle and their careers suffer.  Brendan Rodgers has made it clear that, despite the positive attitude he has shown in training, he just does not fancy Andy Carroll.

Rodgers confirmed yesterday that, having added three new faces to the squad, Liverpool are now in a position where they need to sell to buy.  This only makes matters worse for Andy Carroll as he is seen as one of the few expendable, saleable assets at the club.  

Carroll though, it seems, is reluctant to move.  He has the backing and loyal support of a significant number of Liverpool fans and he is determined that his time at Liverpool will not be seen as a failure.  Despite what the manager thinks, the player himself believes he is good enough to be Liverpool's number nine and does not seem to be prepared to move on just because he is not a regular first choice.  Carroll may have changed his mind about this by January, but Rodgers can not invest money on transfers now in the hope that Carroll moves on in January.

There is of course the added complication of players' salaries.  Andy Carroll has been rumoured to earn between £80k and £90k a week.  Having a player earning this much and sitting on the bench for 80 minutes of every game is not good business and it is certainly not the kind of business Liverpool's owners are in at the moment.

Given all of this, Andy Carroll is like a luxury car that Brendan Rodgers has been given as a present.  He would not have spent his money on it, he will not be driving it regularly, he does not appreciate how much it costs to run.  He knows if he sells it that someone else will get the benefit from it, but the longer he keeps it, the more its value is depreciating as it sits on the drive way not going anywhere.

Rodgers has always said that he will be straight with his players.  Her could not have been more up front yesterday when he described Andy Carroll as a 'third choice...£35m...cover player.'  If this does not send a clear message to Carroll and his advisors then nothing will.

Should Liverpool manage to strike a deal before Friday's deadline, there is no doubt that fans will have mixed views.  Carroll has enjoyed the usual Anfield patience during his spell with the reds and the fans appreciate his effort, character and background.  As Kenny Dalglish intimated when Liverpool bought him, the fans can relate to Andy as a person.  Provided Liverpool replace Carroll with players that fit the new style of play, those fans should not be upset for too long. Yes, Carroll will do well in a team that plays to his style, but Liverpool are not about to become a team that plays a winger who just crosses balls into the box for a big centre forward - that did not work last season and it will not work this year either.

The other complaint will be that Rodgers has not given Carroll a chance, that he had decided on his future before even seeing the player train.  Perhaps it is worth remembering that Rodgers is the man in the hot seat and, just like Kenny before him, he will be hired or fired based on his decisions alone.  This is a big decision but it is one based on hard evidence.  Andy Carroll has had a chance at Liverpool, he has played 58 games for the club and scored 11 times.  Anybody who views over £3m per goal as an investment worth continuing with should not be involved in football management.

Where Carroll ends up will depend on how convinced he is of the need to move. Continue to warm the bench and it is certain that he will fall further down the England pecking order.  Wait for Newcastle to come up with the money Liverpool want and he could have a long wait.  Accept a year at West Ham, get some game time and start enjoying his football again alongside Kevin Nolan and under Sam Allardyce and Carroll might just find that all his problems are behind him.  Secure the signings of Theo Walcott, Clint Dempsey, Scott Sinclair, Daniel Sturridge, or any combination of these, and Liverpool fans may just feel the same.