It seems that the more Liverpool coach Brendan Rodgers comes out with his delusional comments about challenging for the Premier League title or a top four finish, they are correspondingly accompanied by humiliating defeats at home. The match last night at Anfield, had all the ingredients of a wake, with a crowd still waiting for the messiah to deliver and being treated to a pitiful performance on the pitch. Listening to Rodgers pre-match press conference, you would think that they were Barcelona. Instead, the meeting had all the characteristics of pre-match comments from the coach of a non-league team about to play the champions of England and making the usual delusional predictions about the outcome!

Brendan Rodgers may well be an up-and-coming coach. His work at Swansea bears out that assumption. However, he needs to learn the art of management when it comes to making comments about his team. He needs to adopt the old adage that you should engage the brain before opening the mouth. We heard all of this before the Manchester United match at Old Trafford, when Rodgers claimed that his team were going to be challenging for the title. That was when his team were almost 30 points behind leaders Manchester United! Liverpool went on to lose 2-1 at Old Trafford, but they were comprehensively played off the park, with United almost at training session level.

Liverpool are now 12 points behind fourth placed Tottenham. Anyone who wants to follow Rodgers advice on the outcome of the league this season might want to take a look at the odds being offered by the bookmakers for his predictions. We all know that bookmakers rarely get it wrong where money is concerned, so I know where my tenner will be going, and it won’t be on Liverpool.

Of course, Rodgers is encouraged by the English media, who still, it seems, seem to hanker after the "good ole days", when Liverpool ruled the roost. That may be because most of their players from that era are now in safe media jobs working for Sky. You would be forgiven for thinking that you were at a Liverpool reunion meeting when you watch Sky Sports TV. Liverpool declined because they did not take advantage of their position at the top of football in Europe in the 1970s and 80s. They never increased the capacity of their ground or made attempts to move to a larger one. They didn’t market the club nor the players, unlike Manchester United. That is why there is such a difference now. One club had the foresight and prescience to make leaps forward when they are at the top, whereas the other stood still.

I doubt that Liverpool will ever be the force they once were, slipping into mediocrity and the history books. Jamie Carragher has just announced his retirement at the end of this season. Steven Gerrard will follow soon. When he does, the dream is definitely over for Liverpool.

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