Earlier this week, the media in both the UK and Germany boldly announced that Bayern Munich had a deal in place already to sign Robert Lewandowski from Borussia Dortmund. This follows on from the story about the impending transfer of Mario Gotze from the same club to Bayern. Whilst we now know that the Gotze story is in fact correct, we also have found that the Lewandowski story is not!

The upshot from that disclosure is that Bayern, having lost out on the Lewandowski transfer are now closing in on a deal for Luis Suarez. Whilst Liverpool will not welcome such a development they may be powerless to stop it, especially as the player feels that he is being victimised by the English FA and the media.

This may also account for the ardent support of Suarez from the Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers. Liverpool knows that the player was unhappy with the media circus surrounding the Evra affair and whilst the club overtly supported him on that occasion, he was still banned for a number of games.

In the end, it may be the player himself who decides that enough is enough and manoeuvres a move away from Anfield. If this is the case, it may be that they will have to accept a bid of around the £30m mark for the player.
As it has become clear that Lewandowski is almost certainly heading for Old Trafford, it has also become equally clear that Bayern are in the market for a top striker to compete with Mario Gomez.

Watch this space!