There are two angles from which you can see the developing saga of the Luis Suarez transfer. The first is from the player’s perspective, where he issues ever more incisive and direct pronouncements about his future. The second is the pernicious `tapping-up` of the player by `up-for-election` Real Madrid president Florentino Pérez.

Dealing firstly with the player, Luis Suarez has used the well-travelled route of making statements from the refuge of his own country and to journalists of his own native language. This is standard territory for players wanting to move away from a club, without any blame or antipathy in their direction from onlookers and fans. In the interviews, which have arrived in neatly separated parcels every few hours, the rhetoric has become more pointed. Firstly, it seems that he feels misunderstood; then it moves onto being punished unfairly by the authorities; finally descending into a full blown witch hunt.

Of course we have seen it all before, but on this occasion there can be little sympathy when you look at his track record. Interestingly, it seems that Suarez`s modus operandi is to bite opposition players, thereby attracting disdain from the media and sanctions from the authorities! He did exactly the same thing at Ajax and shortly afterwards, he left.

As regards Pérez, here again we have a well-trodden path; with re-election looming for the Real president, now is the time to make statements alluding to arcane deals for players in the public eye, like Gareth Bale and Luis Suarez. With regard to Bale, he has been quoted as saying that he was "born" to play for the club, and that he "likes the player". If that is not blatant tapping-up I do not know what is! Of course all of this is faithfully reported by Madrid lapdog paper Marca, which is merely the mouthpiece for Real Madrid.

As far as Suarez is concerned, here is what he said to Marca. "Suárez is a great player and I am sure all in the world would want him." That is as good as giving the player the green light to agitate for a move. Liverpool would probably settle for a fee of £40m if the player insists on a move as he only signed a new contract recently.

As Manchester United found to their cost, there is a risk with Latin players in that they seem to gravitate to the Real Madrid pantomime as though it is some kind of Mecca and it is likely that despite all the bravado of the statements coming out of Liverpool, they will be resigned to losing a player who has made it clear he wants to move.

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