With Liverpool now under the management of Brendan Rodgers, it's was clear from the outset that he'd sign one or two wingers for Liverpool. His philosophy at Swansea depended on pacey wingers to accompany the slick passing game.

Although not as pacey as most wingers, Vargas could bring something different to Liverpool, something that they've been missing. If one asks a Liverpool fan to name a winger that has graced Anfield in the past few years, they will find it impossible. Players such as Downing, Babel and Riera have failed to pull up trees whilst playing in the famous red of Liverpool.

Vargas is linked with big clubs every year. Not least AC Milan and Real Madrid in the past few seasons. His agent has clearly stated that Liverpool is an option and Vargas could leave this summer. However he has also stated Malaga's interest in Vargas and as they are in the Champions League next season, this might be the "better" option for Vargas.

The Peru international only has 12 months left on his contract and Fiorentina may want to profit on the play that they signed for €12 million in 2008. He played 24 league games last season but in comparison to his previous seasons in Florence, it stacks up pretty poorly. He's respected by most Serie A viewers because one can't fault his work ethic and what he brings to Fiorentina but perhaps his ability is stifled because of the players around him. He can only profit from players such as Gerrard and Suarez.

If Liverpool go in for the Peruvian, they'll need to cough up around £10 million. Could this be compromised by the spending of last season under Kenny Dalglish? Perhaps but Rodgers has been given conformation that money is available for him to spend. A winger like Vargas would boost Liverpool's chances of a top-four finish but it's still going to be difficult if they don't purchase anyone else. A few more players are needed to rival Chelsea, Arsenal and the Spurs.