Unfortunately, we weren't able to make it through the Olympics without an athlete out of the 10,500 to participate in the Olympics to be arrested and disqualified from competition, and go figure, it was an American.

American Judo fighter Nick Delpopolo was arrested on Monday for doping, and was expelled from competing in the remainder of the Olympics. Delpopolo insisted that he unintentionally ate baked goods before the games that were baked with Marijuana. Delpopolo is the first out of the 10,500 athletes to fail an in-competition testing. There were four other athletes caught testing positive before the games had been started, but Delpopolo is the only to have tested positive in-competition.

The International Olympic Committee stripped his accreditation immediately, and has asked the International Judo Federation to change the standings in Delpopolo's event. They have also requested that the judo's governing body consider any further action in the consequences for Delpopolo.

"I apologize to U.S. Olympic Committee, to my teammates, and to my fans, and I am embarrassed by this mistake," he said in a statement that was released by the USOC. "I look forward to representing my country in the future, and will rededicate myself to being the best judo athlete that I can be."

I find it extremely hard to believe that he did not know that he had consumed this baked good, and even if he did the substance would have passed through the system already. The fact that he tested positive in-competition indicates that he consumed recently, within the past week. I am no scientist but I am pretty sure that's how it works.

When the athletes representing the United States compete in the Olympics, they are supposed to hold the highest standard out of all countries, and to achieve greatness on and off the fields, courts, etc. When you are an Olympic athlete for any country, you have been blessed with the opportunity to represent your country in your respective sport. To throw that away and dismiss it is absolutely disgusting, especially while you are in the middle of competition.

Delpopolo will have to wait another four years and go through three more years of rigorous training to get back to the stage where he once was before he screwed up. As an American citizen, I am ashamed, and embarrassed, and all the other countries I'm sure will be laughing at the fact that maybe we produce the most medals and gold medals, but we also produce the most "goofballs" and one of them was caught in action, and will forever be remembered for it.

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