Despite Miami's victory in the NBA FInals, it's not merely a basketball idiom in the NBA that every championship team must have a great center, it remains a respected truth. In the Lakers own book, this is almost a sacred philosophy, one that had driven a team that is easily considered as one of most successful sports franchise in American sports history.

This is the same Lakers mindset that had led to the recent trade for superstar center Dwight Howard from the Orlando Magic, a deal which is deemed by many as a monster deal involving other high-caliber players such as Andrew Bynum and Andre Iguodala.

Just when it appeared that Kobe Bryant and the Lakers were never going to contend as Bryant inched towards retirement. With Dwight Howard patrolling the lane, one or two more championship rings for the Black Mamba would not be such a far-off expectation.

With Steve Nash and Antawn Jamison joining the fold, the Lakers should now rival the Eastern Conference super-team Miami Heat and could now run the floor with more ease and efficiency, having more scoring options on the floor and a more athletic line-up than the previous season.

Definitely, the Princeton offense that Kobe Bryant had spoken of about a week ago (as the team's primary approach to offense) should now work best for the team, more than ever. With this current setup for the LA Lakers, it would be least surprising if the ghost of the 80's Showtime team would re-appear in Staples Center.

The monster trade similarly benefitted other teams involved, making it a fairytale-book trade deal where the highly athletic Andre Iguodala complementing Danilo Gallinari in the scoring guard positions in Denver as both could now possibly form a very effective scoring partnership for the Nuggets. All-Star center Andrew Bynum on the one hand should efficiently man the backcourt for the very young but vastly ambitious Philadelphia 76ers, allowing a brighter horizon for the team.

Ultimately, this trade should now allow the Orlando Magic to move on after the Dwight Howard mess, and should be able to rebuild their team with lesser strain and struggle with the acquisition of four conditional first-round draft picks from the other teams involved in the trade, aside from getting two highly able and promising youngsters in Nikola Vu?evi? and Moe Harkless.

But definitely, the greatest winner in this trade is the LA Lakers, and of course Lakers fans from all around the world, as the team leaps back atop of the championship fray.

And maybe, just maybe, Showtime is back in in Los Angeles.

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