The Lakers don't rebuild, they reload!

The Dwight Howard saga in Orlando is officially over. The eight-year veteran may finally pack his bags, move his talents, and drama to a city and franchise more seasoned for it all.

Friday's official transaction report included Lakers center Andrew Bynum and Magic's shooting guard Jason Richardson being sent to the Philadelphia 76ers. Philly sends versatile, but offensively challenged small-forward Andre Igoudala to the Denver Nuggets, center Nikola Vucevic and rookie forward Moe Harkless to Orlando. The Magic also picked-up veteran forwards Christian Eyenga and Josh McRoberts from the Lakers with Al Harrington and SG Arron Afflalo from Denver while unloading point-guard Chris Duhon and F Earl Clark with Howard.

In addition, the Orlando Magic managed to squeeze out five overall draft picks, which will produce three first-round players in the future.

So, who are the winners and losers from this blockbuster trade?

Well, Orlando got rid of the best center in the league (and his attitude), but ideally got the pieces to a puzzle that's going to take a few years to complete.  Denver got rid of Afflalo's contract and Harrington's age, but got younger and athletic with Igoudala. Igoudala will improve the Nuggets defense and run down the court with stud PG Ty Lawson throwing him alley-oops all night.

However, the obvious winners in this trade are the Lakers. They not only managed to pickup the best center in the league, but another proven backup PG, while still holding on to a top five power forward in Pau Gasol. If Steve Nash made Amare Stoudemire and Shawn Marion look unstoppable imagine what he's going to do with a lineup that features Kobe Bryant, Gasol, and Howard.

The Lakers are the clear-cut favorites to win the NBA championship this coming season and if you don't know or believe that then you better go and ask somebody because they'll tell you.

As the age old saying goes, "The rich keep getting richer," & the Lakers keep their storied history of talented centers to wear the purple and gold alive.

As mentioned before; the Lakers don't rebuild, they reload.

On a more lighthearted note, if NBA commissioner David Stern couldn't approve last seasons Chris Paul trade to the Lakers imagine what he was thinking when he saw this on his table late Thursday night. Even, Commissioner Stern wouldn't have gotten away vetoing this trade and if he did I'm sure a Lakers fan would have gotten to him somehow shortly after.