In 2014 LeBron James will once again become a free agent. One of the teams already considering picking up James during the 2014 free agency are the Los Angeles Lakers. During this time period Kobe Bryant said himself he may consider retirement with only two years left on his contract with the Lakers.  

The Lakers have a high standard for the superstar talent that play and have played for them. Dwight Howard is the newest addition to the Lakers also along with Steve Nash. Nash only has two or three more productive years left in him. So the Lakers will be dependent on Howard to keep them up to that high standard of greatness which is unlikely.

The Lakers is the "Black Mamba's" team until he decides to retire. If Bryant retires in 2014 as he plans to expect the Lakers to be the top team chasing after James. The only thing stopping James from moving to the west coast is the criticism of the fans and the entire league. The way James did his departure to Cleveland I can see him doing the same to Miami but without the level of magnitude he had with the show "The Decision".

So it really comes down to James and another decision. Will he become a Laker? There is a possibility, but could I see him leaving Miami after all he has done for the organization? Absolutely not, but if James wants to reach Michael Jordan or Bryant in number of titles won becoming a Laker will be his best chance.