With all the acquisitions the Los Angelas Lakers made this off-season, expect the Lakers to make some major noise in the playoffs. I don't think they will win the championship, but they will get to at least the Western Conference finals. Starting off with point guards, Steve Nash was acquired from the Phoenix Suns for draft picks in 2013 and 2015.

          The Lakers got the benefit of this trade for many reasons. Nash will be the piece the Lakers need now that Fisher is long gone and help them win their next championship which will come in the next three years more likely than not. Also, Nash will be able to play a role like Brett Favre did in Green Bay but mentoring his younger players. In this case, Nash will be able to help out rookie and sophomore point guards such as Darius Morris and Darius Johnson-Odom. 

       On to the shooting guard position, Jodie Meeks was signed for 3 million dollars in which he will play a key role on the defensive part of the ball. Meeks is also a good three point shooter who will put up around 6-10 points per game if given the chance. 

      The Lakers also signed veteran power forward Antawn Jamison to a one year veterans minumum salary. Not only will Jamison provide another big man threat in the paint, he could hurt you on the perimeter if left open. Jamison will record many rebounds with Howard and Gasol and if all three of them are in at the same time, the opposing team shouldn't be expecting to get any second chance points. Jamison will come off the bench strong and be a key player for the Lakers.

      The biggest move of any team during the Offseason was the deal in which the Lakers dealt for all-star center Dwight Howard. The Lakers picked up Chris Duhon, Earl Clark, and Howard in the trade and only giving up one key player in Andrew Bynum. Howard is triple the athleticism of Bynum and a better player all around. Rebounding, running the court, and defense especially defending the pick and roll.

      Howard is what will make the most difference this season for the Lakers. When he played for Orlando, he was the team. Howard took the Magic to the playoffs year in and year out but had no supporting cast. Howard will finally get his ring within the next three years. 

      With all this being said, I give the Los Angeles Lakers an A+ for their offseason moves. Getting exceptionally better than they were last season and giving up mainly just Andrew Bynum, the Lakers did everything right.