The LSU Tigers had scratched and clawed their way back to number five in the BCS polls. Their defense was as stingy as any defense in college football. Their offense was beginning to figure it out. They had everything in front of them: a shot at the SEC title and a possible date in the National Championship game. They had a date with the number one team in the country on prime time television, at night, in Death Valley. There was just over a minute, the Tide were down and backed up in their own territory with no timeouts. LSU was on its way. Things were looking up for the Tigers.

The Tide had other plans. A late minute Heismanesque drive by up-to-that-point-in-the-game struggling QB, AJ McCarron on national TV to put the Tide ahead silenced Death Valley. And it wasn’t just deafening, it was spine-chillingly silent. But that’s what Alabama does. They’re dream killers.

Mississippi State was 7-0 for the first time in program history. They had visions of SEC grandeur sprinting through their dreams. They were statistically impressive on both sides of the ball. This was the year they competed for an SEC championship and maybe even a national championship. There was talk around Starkville that this was the 2010 Auburn Tigers, catching lightening in a bottle. Starkville was rocking. Cowbells were clanging and the Bulldogs were flying high. MSU was on its way. Things were finally looking up for the Bulldogs.

The Tide had other plans. A dominating performance by Alabama embarrassed the Bulldogs in every way shape and form. It wasn’t even close. Ever. The Tide dominated from beginning to end. You would have thought the Dogs were 0-7, not 7-0. But that’s what Alabama does. They’re dream killers.

Good bye dreams of an SEC championship. Good bye dreams of a national championship. Good bye dreams of a BCS bowl. Dream killers.

So the Tigers and Bulldogs face off Saturday in Death Valley with quite a few things in common. They both sit tied for second place in the Western Division. Both are 7-2. Both are aiming for a better bowl bid with a higher payout. And both of their dreams were shattered by the same team, the Alabama Dream Killers.

However, I seriously doubt they two teams will get together at mid-field and have a good ol’ heart-to-heart about what could have been.

This game is in Death Valley. And make no mistake about it, LSU under head coach Les Miles is downright dominating in Death Valley. Especially against teams NOT ranked number one, which Mississippi State is definitely not.

Though the records are the same, the path to get there has been much different. LSU’s offense began to click last week and Zach Mettenberger looks like he’s starting to figure it out. Mississippi State’s defense gave up nearly 700 yards against Texas A&M. SEVEN HUNDRED!

Did I mention this one is in Death Valley? The Tigers are not happy. LSU big.