Serial gnasher, Luis Suarez has been banned for ten games by an independent FA panel today. The player has the right to appeal the ban, but he would thereby open himself up to the ban being increased, if it is deemed "flippant".
Suarez was found guilty of serious foul play by the FA, as the referee says that he did not see the incident properly. The procedure in such events is for a mandatory 3 games ban, but the FA has the right to contest the length of the ban if it deems it insufficient. The FA did exactly that and appealed the length of the ban, thereby instituting the independent FA panel which has a few moments ago banned him for and additional 7 games, making a total of 10 games ban. That means he will miss the rest of this season and the beginning of next season as well.
Suarez bit the upper arm of Chelsea defender Ivanovic during the match at the weekend between Chelsea and Liverpool. Whilst the referee maintains that he did not see the incident, the rest of the world was watching on their television sets. In the furore after the match, the FA promised to deal with the matter immediately, which they have done.
The disappointing aspect of this matter is that like the racism issue with Suarez and Patrice Evra, Liverpool will try to defend the player instead of dealing with him in an appropriate way. It remains to be seen what reaction we get from Liverpool, but don`t hold your breath!