As predicted, Roberto Mancini has been sacked by Manchester City tonight. Despite the success he has brought to the Etihad, the powers that be have decided to pull the trigger. Mancini has a win rate only bettered by Sir Alec Ferguson and Carlo Ancelotti.

Manchester City had not won a trophy for nearly 35 years until Mancini arrived, winning the FA Cup and then the Premier League title in successive seasons. However, that was not deemed good enough by the ridiculous Arab owners, who spend their country`s wealth whilst their countrymen starve in poverty.

It is hard to understand the logic of their decision when they had not won a thing until Mancini arrived. The new manager is expected to be Manuel Pellegrini, whose CV includes a spell at Real Madrid. It is hard to see what Pellegrini offers that Mancini did not, especially as Pellegrini has not won anything of note recently.

Today is just symptomatic of the disease that pervades the Premiership with arrant billionaire owners acting like feudal lords hiring and firing at will, whilst their fans are left surprised and confused about their position. No doubt all will be revealed next season!