Robert Mancini took the Manchester City job after Mark Hughes failed to win any silverware. Since the Italian took the job, City have won an FA Cup, a Community Shield and the Premier League. Three trophies in two years sounds good but is it good enough to be unsackable?

Alex Ferguson didn't win a trophy at United until 1990 but since has become the greatest manager ever. He was on the verge of being sacked during the 80s but the board stuck with the Scot for the better. Somehow I don't feel that the Manchester City board have the same perseverance. If Mancini fails to win the Premier League or Champions League this season, his job may be at risk.

Question marks surrounded Mancini's future after he only won the FA Cup in 2011. If it wasn't for last season's final minute success, Mancini definitely would have lost his job. This immediate success which the City board want will be more difficult to achieve now than when Sir Alex took the United job in 1986. With all that money ploughed into the City team, Mancini needs more success to prove that he can be more than noisy neighbours.

It seems stupid that we are discussing Mancini's future, merely months after he won the Premier League title. But that's the type of world we live in. One can be sure that if Mancini was under Roman Abramovich's control, he'd be out of the door by now. It depends if the Coty board want Champions League success. If so Mancini will have to work wonders as they sit in the group of death.