Whilst Roberto Mancini prepares his team for the FA Cup final, 1100 miles away in Malaga, head coach Manuel Pellegrini has been making his goodbye speeches to staff and players at the La Liga club. Mancini has in the last few days been writing his own eulogy as he recounted that he won a number of trophies and titles for Inter Milan, only to be dumped rather unceremoniously. During his stay at Manchester City, he has won the coveted Premier League Title and the FA Cup and is in today’s FA Cup final. Not a bad CV until you realise the delusional requirements of billionaire owners who lives thousands of miles from the clubs they purport to cherish and nurture.

The truth is that anything less than total domination is regarded as a failure by the oligarchs and Emirs who still live in the feudal world where they are regarded as gods. Manuel Pellegrini may have jumped the gun somewhat by telling his players and staff that he is leaving for Manchester City, but reports in Spain have confirmed that he has indeed signed a contract already with the Etihad club. These sorts of surreptitious underhand dealings are entirely in keeping with the culture from which these owners have lived for centuries.

Mancini has behaved like a true gentleman during his time at the Etihad and he deserves better than the way he is being treated at the moment by the owners. If they are unhappy that City have not won every trophy going, why don't they make their views public, so that we call all see the ridiculous delusional nonsense that emanates from people with no knowledge at all of football. It is this very reason why these owners are reviled by the majority of real football fans around the world.

I wish Mancini well in his new job wherever it may be. Pellegrini will need all the help he can get when he enters what is becoming Chelsea mark II.