Latest news hot from my Italian friend is that Edison Cavani of Napoli is in talks with Manchester City via his agents. Whilst this has been roundly rumoured throught the last few weeks of the season, it was clouded a little by the introduction of Chelsea`s interest. However, we have now heard directly from Napoli President, Aurelio De Laurentiis, that he has held preliminary talks with Manchester City over the transfer of Cavani. He has also made it clear that the deal will be dependent on Dzeko going the other way. If that is the case, it is still possible that the deal will fall through, as Dzeko has made it clear that he will not be shunted around like a pawn in any transfer deals just to suit the owners at the Etihad.

In a side issue, the Napoli President also made it known that no approach has been made to Rafael Benitez with a view to him becoming the next manager of Napoli. De Laurentiis recently went to London on other business not particularly associated with football, so the UK media as usual put two and two together and made five!

I expect that negotiations will be difficult for the transfer of Cavani if Napoli insist on the transfer of Dzeko, but it remains to be seen if extra cash on the table will change their minds.