My spies and contacts were out in force over the holiday period, keeping an eye on prospective transfer targets, looking for any tell-tale signs that something was afoot. Needless to say, they did not come up empty-handed.

Unfortunately, some of my thunder has been stolen by the British Media, which disclosed that Fellaini had been spotted house-hunting in Manchester, 40 miles down the road from where he plays, at Everton in Liverpool. However, this is only part of the story. It is correct that he has been looking for a house in the Manchester area. Fellaini himself, when challenged, stated that he needed to move away from Liverpool because he was constantly attracting the attention of women admirers and this was causing him some discomfort.

Well, for starters, he is not exactly a male supermodel. I do not buy into that excuse for one minute. So why would a player at Everton want to buy a house in Manchester? The reason would still be debatable if it were not for an astute observation by one of my most reliable sources.

Marouane Fellaini was spotted walking into the foyer of the Etihad Stadium wearing a hoody a couple of days ago. Now there is not usually any smoke without fire, so there is only one conclusion that can be derived from this observation. Fellaini is contemplating a move to Manchester City.

We know that City manager, Mancini, was bitterly disappointed at missing out on the signing of Robin Van Persie, who went to Manchester United instead, so he has been desperately looking for a striker who can tip the balance back towards Manchester City in the title race.

I expect to see or hear something in the UK newspapers in the next week or so regarding Fellaini and a transfer to Manchester City.