Carlos Tevez`s time at Manchester City is finally coming to a close after the club accepted a £10m bid from Juventus today. The player will travel to Italy to finalise a medical and sing contracts. This may appear to have been done very quickly, but it looks like it was always the intention of Tevez to force a move nearer to the end of his contract which finishes in 2014. Tevez had made clear that he would not sign a further contract as long ago as 2011-12 season when he fell out with the then manager Roberto Mancini and went back to his home in Argentina for weeks until the club enticed him back with various promises. One of those promises was that they would let him leave last season.

This move signals a clear-out by new manager Pellegrini and may just be the start of a fire sale because of the number of players on the books of Manchester City at a time when the FFP Rules will start to bite. EUFA only yesterday banned a number of high profile Turkish clubs because of financial irregularities and have signalled that they intend to get tough on any club breaching financial rules. Furthermore, City`s owners now have a new toy to play with in the United States with their New York football team.

Players like Gareth Barry will be looking over their shoulders today as Tevez is ushered out of the door and the manager starts to look at trimming a massive squad and a large number of fringe players, some of whom have never played a game for the club, but are on huge wages. It is also an attempt to balance the books a bit with recent signings like Jesus Navas increasing an already huge wages bill that currently sees them well outside of the FFP Rules. I expect to see a flurry of departures in the next couple of weeks at the Etihad.