Rio Ferdinand deserves plenty of credit for his dignified response to the savage and totally unjustified attack on him by deranged City supporters, who are unable to show any grace in defeat and act like PlayStation Football Managers! Incredibly, this is not the first time that United have had to endure physical assaults from other clubs` fans. The same thing happened at Chelsea a few weeks ago, but was clouded over due to the controversy over the Mark Clattenburg affair. As I correctly predicted, that whole affair was a sham. It was a  total pack of lies and deceit to hide some of the events that happened at Chelsea, which, if had happened at a ground in, say, Eastern Europe, would have seen ground closures and huge fines.

Let’s look at some of the incidents during and after the game yesterday.

Firstly, congratulations to Wayne Rooney for two superb goals, against a backdrop of the usual armchair sniping from the UK media about his lack of goals, even though he now plays more of a midfield role.

Secondly, how many parents recognised the petulance and sulky behaviour of Mario Ballotelli? Quite why Mancini played him ahead of Tevez is a mystery, but one which caused much consternation on the bench. Eventually, having seen Ballotelli try to make a ridiculous back-heel pass that resulted in Rio Ferdinand getting studs raked down his leg, Mancini decided to hook his errant forward and replace him with Tevez.

Next we had the goal scored by Ashley Young, which would surely have killed off the match before half time. Despite clearly being a yard onside, it was disallowed. A decision, that had it been at the other end, would have resulted in the usual hysteria and riots in the stands.

In the second half, City seemed to make more of an effort. They had some fortune with the first, after two world class saves from David De Gea. Saves, incidentally, that do not even warrant a mention from those in our UK media that spend their time carping about his supposed failings, despite the fact that he will be Spain’s next number one! City then scored a fortuitous second that went through about ten pairs of legs and nestled in the bottom corner.

United`s third was pure theatre. Into time added on and a free kick outside the penalty box. Van Persie told Wayne Rooney behind his hand that he was going to shoot. Tevez, who was at the end of the defensive wall, seemed to think that it was a signal for it to be passed to Rooney, so he moved out of the wall. That was the moment for which Van Persie had been waiting. He swerved the ball past the edge of the wall. It got a slight deflection from Nasri on its way through, and left Hart with no chance and ended up in the corner of the net. There was an element of poetic justice about it.

The team, led by Ferdinand wheeled away in celebration. The next moment, Ferdinand was holding his head. He had been hit by coins thrown from the City fans and had a cut above his eye. A City fan then charged onto the pitch in an attempt to attack Ferdinand, but to his credit, City goalkeeper, Joe Hart intervened and the fan was arrested. He went off for treatment. Rooney had endured coins and other objects thrown at him every time there was a corner, throughout the match. Flares were thrown onto the pitch and there were ugly scenes as police tried to arrest fans in the City stands.

At the end of the match, at the final whistle, Tevez aimed a sneaky and cowardly kick at young Phil Jones from behind. The referee did not see it. There is a case for retrospective action if the FA decides the press charges as they should.

We then had the usual spectacle of fighting and ugly scenes from City fans that are unable to accept defeat. They acted like spoilt kids who had their favourite toy taken away from them. This is exactly what happens when you get billionaire owners distorting our sport with their money, creating delusional fans who expect to win everything and get violent when they don’t.

All credit to Ferguson, Ferdinand and the rest of the Manchester United contingent for showing dignity and integrity whilst their rivals acted like thugs.

Don’t expect the FA to do much about this, as they will not want to upset the rich owners of City.