As new Manchester United Boss David Moyes looks to gether a more creative midfield, he has turned his attentions to Marco Verratti, who is described as being the 'heir to Pirlo' in the Italian National side, being a very confident deep lying playmaker, the type of position touted as being the missing link in United's midfield. 

United have been alerted by the current contract situation at Paris Saint-Germain, according to Talksport, the players agent has requested a pay rise for his lient from PSG, knowing of the interest from United and also Real Madrid. The French club could be prepared to sell if they do not wish to negotiate a pay rise for the Italian youth International.

Verratti has lit up the European Unders 21 Championships and has gained a whole new array of admirers, proving his comfortable ability on the ball and how little he loses it. The player has recently stated he would like to stay in France, however with the prospect of Premier League football being so high on the agenda of most players, this is said to have the player considering his options.

Moyes wants to bolster the midfield this season and bring in a couple more technically gifted talents in order to keep the ball and use it better with their range of passing.