After a day of turmoil in the media and surrounding Manchester United Football Club it has been discovered that David Moyes has spoken to Everton Chairman, Bill Kenwright, about taking the Manchester United job. He has done this as a matter of courtesy as he and Kenwright are close friends as well as working partners.

Manchester United have been prepared for this moment for a long time; David Gill is on record as stating that the club has made contingency plans for this very day and they had made arrangements to put the necessary machinery into action to make sure that the transition to the new manager would be as seamless as possible.

After having spoken to his chairman, David Moyes has been in touch with his agents and they in turn have spoken to Manchester United representatives about taking the job. Needless to say, they will want to get this done and dusted very quickly to avoid any unnecessary media frenzy that might disrupt the club.

My information is that David Moyes will be announced as the new manager and will take over at the end of the season. This will be announced tomorrow (Thursday).

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