On Sunday The Sunday Times ran story on the back page stating that Sir Alex Ferguson is to retire in two years-time. It stated that Ferguson wants to go out on a high and by signing Robin van Persie, it'll give him the power to beat City to the title.

Now this isn't the first time that we've heard stories about Ferguson's retirement plans. Every year a newspaper or a website publishes an article stating that the greatest manager in football will step down. This year is no different, well except that he's one year older of cause.

Now to argue how much The Sunday Times knows about Ferguson's plans is like asking an orphan who their parents are. They probably don't have a clue and their article belongs in the trash. However this football and with football you get rumours and with rumours you debate.

So if Ferguson is to end his prolonged stint at United, who will replace him?

The obvious bet and the bookies favourite is the Special One. The only teams that Mourinho can manage that won't be considered from Madrid a step down are Portugal and Manchester United. He's always stated that he wants to return to England and he has the prowess to replace Ferguson.

David Moyes is seen as a somewhat underrated manager that has vastly over achieved at Everton. However I don't see a manager that hasn't won a trophy at Everton, becoming the next United boss. It just seems to me that people associate United with Scottish managers.

There are many former players that will be in the running including Gary Neville and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. Both have learnt from the best and both have immensely talents football brains. Ryan Giggs, although not yet a former player, would be extremely suited to carry on the Ferguson dynasty.

Pep Guardiola is a class act and any club would be delighted to have the Spaniard as their manager. But I can't see him being picked over Mourinho. But that's just me.