Harold Wilson, Prime Minister in the 1960s once famously said, "A week is a long time in politics"!

This statement also applies to the current transfer market and Fergusons attempts to make a signing. Only this week were we told by sources that Lucas Moura would be travelling to Old Trafford, not just for the Olympic semi-final, but also to have a medical. The Brazilian club did not comment, but there was a confusing comment from his agent suggesting that he would not be released to have this medical.

In the meantime, we had the Van Persie saga. Anyone following this will be reminded of the similar fiasco last year when Samir Nasri wanted to leave Arsenal. He had gone on record as stating his preferred destination as being Manchester United, yet at the last minute, his agent said that he had been insulted by Ferguson over their dealings and he subsequently went to Manchester City, where he is a bit part player.

It seems that unless a player is willing to walk on his tongue through broken glass to Old Trafford, Ferguson will be unable to sign him. These players are becoming part of a long list of transfer failures that will taint the legacy of Ferguson when he finally retires. We know that United did have some cash available and signed Kagawa and Nick Powell. We now also know that although there will be no cash from the share sale in New York for transfers, they will have the £40m a year from General Motors in the Chevrolet sponsorship deal.

By my reckoning, Ferguson has around £60m available. If he is still unable to sign either Van Persie or Moura there is something seriously wrong. Lets face it, it is harder to make signings on your Sony Playstation Football Manager game, yet still Fergsuson and perma-grin Gill seem to be `caught in the headlights` when it comes to marquee signings. Maybe it is the same affliction as stage fright is for performers, even those with years of experience?

In  the end, there can be no more excuses for Ferguson. He has the cash and players who actually want to join his club. All it needs is the will to do a deal. If he cannot do that he should leave now and let someone with bottle deal with it.