It seems that the pain of the thought that he might have lost the fans has stunned Ferguson into action at last. News has just broken that Lucas Moura will trrel down from Newcaste tomorrow (Sunday) for a medical and sign the deal. Ferguson has stayed behind at Old Trafford especially to complete the formalities.

Maybe the revelations earlier in the week about the disclosures in the NYSE listing prospectus that certain higher management and executives would benefit from the share sale has sparked some badly needed action on the transfer front. Glazers are very concious of the need to keep the broad fan base happy, but moreover, the comments in the prospectus that failure to invest in the squad would inevitably lead to decline and therefore the value of the club would fall. One thing certain to provoke action from the Glazers is the prospect of losing money, hence the sudden activity

As a consequense of the Moura deal being completed, it just leaves the matter of Van Persie. Ferguson had to wait for the green light from Glazers before he made any committment. Now it seems he has been given that signal, so expect to see some activity from the Van Persie camp in the next few days.

It has been obvious for some time now that Manchester City would not be serious contenders for his signature and Juventus, for all their bluster in the transfer market do not really have the funds. Moreover, they are now mired in accusations of corruption at the highest levels of the club, so they are also not real contenders. Added to that, Van Persie knows that his best bet of silverware still lies at Old Trafford.

We are all waiting with baited breath for the final pieces of the jigsaw to fall into place in the next few days.