In a week that has seen charge and counter charge surrounding the IPO put forward by Manchester United to the NYSE, the mists are finally clearing and we are getting near to the truth about their proposed transfer targets, or lack of them.

Summing up briefly, we had the initial IPO listing with the NYSE and various valuations, but all seemed to settle on a figure around $400m. It was originally stated by the Glazers that this would be used solely to pay down the debt. Then we got wind that they had done a u-turn and now they were siphoning off $200 for themselves. A couple of days ago, a sharp eyed potential investor spotted a clause in the prospectus that suggested that senior executives and employees could benefit financially from the sale. Further suggestions were that Fergusona and Gill would benefit and that their impartiality regarding the Glazers and the fan base had been compromised. That was denied by Ferguson yesterday.

All along, the writer has been more interested in the effect this is having on the more important matter to the fans - new signings. Not, just any old signings, but particularly two marquee signings - Robin Van Persie and Lucas Moura. We have all been wondering what has happened. Ferguson, in a tetchy press conference in Shanghai blustered that they were "not just sitting on their bums doing nothing", and yet their very inaction seems to say the opposite.

Today there has been a new twist in the Lucas Moura signing. Firstly, late last night, the parents of Lucas Moura had evidently released news that he had a preference for Manchester United. Take that with a pinch of salt. What is more interesting is that reports in Italy suggest that Inter have now agreed a fee with Mouras club. That is probably a way of trying to give United the "hurry up."

Today, we have the revelation that United have a budget of £40m for this summer. This has never been mentioned before. This has been released by a reliable source, the club's chief operating officer, Michael Bolingbroke, so there is an element of authenticity about it. That means if you are any good at mathematics, they have spent £17m on Kagawa and £4 on Powell. That leaves about £19m. Not exactly going to meet the agents fee for the Moura deal let alone any transfer fee. it would probably not even meet Arsenals demands for £20m for Van Persie.

So who are they going to buy for £19m? Maybe Baines from Everton? When Chelsea have bought Hazard, Oscar and others, how does Uniteds summer spending stack up? Not very well really. When it comes to desire to move forward, it seems that Abramovich, despite his maverick status, does at least put the club first, something that cannot be said about United these days.

It seems that the scramble for one last payday before retirement is a priority fror Ferguson, whilst Glazers will be off to the bank with their millions whilst the fans are left to spend another season watching Chelsea, City, PSG and various other forward looking clubs go past them.

You would have thought that last season would have been a warning. Unfortunately no-one is listening.