Yesterday I disclosed that the IPO listing of Manchester United shares will not only benefit the Glazers to the detriment of the clubs finances and debt mountain, but it also emerged that "selected high ranking officials and employees" of the club would benefit financially as well. Reading between the lines, that means Ferguson and Gill will be at the front of the queue. It is estimated that they could gain initially up to £1.25m each, probably for their overt support in the UK media.

When you couple that with the disclosure that the Glazers have now done a U-turn on their previous committment to use the whole of the proceeds to pay down the debt, you start to realise why now is a good time to get all this out in the open, yet away from eyes that will be distracted by the Olympics. It is a well used political ploy by governments wanting to bury bad news from the public.

Recent comments from Ferguson at press conferences on their summer tour suggesting that the Glazers were "great" now appear a little empty when their announcer stands to be paid off to the tune of £1.25. The long suffering fans of the club now face not only owners who are out to bleed evey possible penny from the club, but an executive that is complicit in its support.

Fans worldwide are scratching their heads as to why it has suddenly gone very quiet on the transfer front. Other clubs up and down the UK, in various leagues, and the usual culprits abroad, are busy doing their business in the transfer market. So, what has happened to Lucas Moura? Van Persie?

It appears that the United executive are too busy counting how much they are likely to get from the IPO in New York rather than dealing with vital transfer issues. Ferguson recently made a tetchy statement that United management were not "sitting on their bums doing nothing", yet their actions seem to suggest otherwise.

This is despite the fact that hidden in the prospectus was a damning statement that without ongoing investment in the team, the club will start to slide down the rankings and there will not be the achievements we have seen in the past.

Do not stay up expecting any further developments on the transfer front. Ferguson is well versed in the art of appearing to make bids whilst really sitting on his bum doing nothing.